Ross Wooten


Ross Wooten is a Tenor, born and raised in Kansas City. Originally a student of Tracy's, Ross' musical career started by premiering Dan Forrest's "Arise, Shine!" in Carnagie Hall his Sophomore year of High School.

Ending with a degree in Vocal Performance, Ross' collegiate career took place at Kansas State University, where he studied under Dr. Reginald Pittman. He had the privilege in singing in the University's top ensemble throughout his entire degree. Under the Direction of Dr. Julie Yu & Dr. Joshua Oppenheim, he was given amazing opportunities to perform at venues/events such as St. Peters Basilica, SWACDA (2012). 

After serving as Vice President his Sophomore year, Ross was elected as President of the Kansas State University's chapter of ACDA for 2010/2011. He has also been the media director of the Summer Choral Festival since 2011.

Ross was an original staff member of the first World Choral Festival in Dublin, where shortly after he proposed to his wife. Ross is happily married and now runs a media production company which he started 2013.

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