What makes the World choral fest different from other festivals or choral competitions?

The World Choral Fest is a unique event that brings individual musicians together from all over the world in one ensemble to work with professional composers, clinicians, and musicians that are among the best in their field.  This experience will provide a remarkable and educational opportunity.


Will I get to meet and talk with the composer and lyricist Dr. Charles Anthony Silvestri? 

You will have many opportunities throughout the week to work with these amazing gentleman.  They will attend rehearsals, and lecture on the creative process of collaboration, creating music that works with the lyrics, and how the process becomes unified.


What are the qualifications for being a part of the World Choral Fest?

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have prior choral rehearsal and performance experience. Compose a short essay encompassing past choral ensembles and a statement of intention about participating in the World Choral Fest.  Please include one directors reference.  


Where will I be staying during the World Choral Fest?

Lodging will be the singers' responsibility. Although we will have options available for each participant to utilize.


Is the World Choral Fest always in the same location?

 In 2020 the World Choral Fest will be held in Trondheim, Norway. Previously the World Choral Fest took place in Salzburg(AU), Kansas City(USA), & Dublin(IR).


How do we Make payments?

Payments may be made online or via Check. All major credit cards are accepted but there might be a small processing fee.  


Do I need to purchase my sheet music?

Yes, we will NOT have extra copies for you. If you do not have your music, you are responsible

Do I have to know all the music before I arrive?

It is the expectation of the directors that you will have prepared your music prior to the World Choral Fest.  Rehearsal time will be spent crafting phrases and creatively collaborating with the directors.  Dr. Charles Anthony Silvestri and the composer will be attending rehearsals to add nuances to the world premier work.   Practice tracks will be available on the World Choral Fest website for you convenience.  

What Will I need to wear for the Final Performance?

All singers will be expected to be wearing concert dress.

Men: black pants, long sleeved black dress shirt, black shoes, black socks.

Woman: black dress, (knee length or longer) black shoes (flats recommended).


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