Choral festivals have never been done like this.

It seems like such a simple idea: Bring together a group of talented college-aged and older singers from around the world to meet in a beautiful European city.  While together they work with professional conductors, composer and lyricist to prepare for a final concert in a spectacular performance hall.  Performing together amazing choral literature as well a World premier work.  Days full of singing, performing, sight-seeing, learning, laughing and bonding.  Bringing the world together in song.

Sounds amazing right?

That’s exactly why I put together the idea into the World Choral Fest 2013. The idea came to me while traveling across Norway with my Staley High School Falcon Chorale in March of 2011.  The choir performed Over Havet, a choral octavo that I commissioned Dr. Dan Forrest and Dr. Charles Anthony Silvestri to compose.  The piece was written to honor my great grandfather Peter Mandius Nerland and was performed in the small Island church Peter left behind to travel across the sea in 1899.  The Staley Choir Falcon Chorale also performed Over Havet in the Great Hall of Ellis Island by special permission from the White House.  It was in the Great Hall where Peter Mandius became an American Citizen.  During this whirl wind tour that the seed of bringing the world together in song was planted.  The idea of communicating through music is not new; the idea of strangers coming together to collectively breathe, sing and create in lands near and far has not been done before.  To my knowledge World Choral Fest is the only one of its' kind.  

The seed of the World Choral Fest idea was planted and grew quickly over the summer of 2011. The World Choral Fest idea is now  reality; having traveled to Dublin, Ireland in 2013 we hope that you join us in Kansas City, Missouri in June 2016, and then set your sights on 2018 in Salzburg, Austria.  

Won't you come and join us for this life changing event? 


Tracy Resseguie

Founder / Creative Director

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